The Dangers Of Vaping

Maria Denning, Reporter

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Vaping is a popular but dangerous and costly habit. Nowadays the true side effects and health issues of vaping is being exposed and causing a huge debate worldwide. 

Vaping is an epidemic that has proven to have very negative and even deadly side effects. As mentions, in recent news the true dangers of vaping has been exposed due to nine people dying as a result from vaping-related accidents. Although vaping is unhealthy for any person, it is especially a threat to teens and who do not fully understand or acknowledge the severity of the problem. 

      Vaping was created to replicate smoking, but instead of smoking tobacco,which is commonly known for being highly addictive and dangerous,  vapers inhale aerosol according to The particles of aerosol contain high amounts of toxic chemicals which have been linked to several problems, such as repository and heart  problems, and even links to cancer. 

The most recent and popular form of vaping has been Juuling. Juuling uses pods that contain flavored nicotine, which makes the product more enticing and addictive.even though people assume juuling is safer and healthier,  just one pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes states Side effects of juuling include increased heart and blood pressure, lung disease, and insulin resistance which can lead to type 2 diabetes according to 

 “Yeah I know it’s bad for you and my parents warned me about it especially with all the news recently, but also like it’s such a high school things that I know people who don’t care about how bad it is”  said senior Cade Hampson when asked if he knew the true dangers of vaping. Even with warnings and real life incidents, teens are still either unaware of how dangerous vaping is or in denial about it. 


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