Unified Day Late Starts

Natasha Kaimakis, Reporter

This year, Bishop Blanchet added a one-hour late start on a variety of unified days. The late start gives students time to get work done, sleep in, and positively start Mondays. The school changed its bell schedule to fit in the late start. 


For this type of late start, the periods are 35 minutes, excluding the first two periods which due to announcements and prayer, are 40 minutes each. But what causes the controversy is the passing periods. The passing periods are 5 minutes, with a 15 minutes break between periods 2 and 3.


“I really like the new schedule with the 15-minute break,” said Junior Lauren Lindblad. “It gives students time to get a good breakfast, mingle with friends, and talk to teachers. For me, I have second lunch, so the long break gives me a nice rest from my classes.”


But not all agree with the one long break and the short passing periods. Some believe that we should spread out the time equally. 


“I really like starting my Monday off with a late start,” said Maggie Stander. “But I would like to have an equal time amount of passing periods.” 


Many students like the late start, but it comes with negatives too. Being on time is hard when talking to teachers, going to the bathroom, getting things out of lockers with the five-minute passing periods.


“I would rather have the ten minute passing period,” said English teacher Mr. McFeron. “I have colleagues that teach in multiple rooms, so it makes life easier. Also, it seems to put less stress on my students.”


Many teachers appreciate the late start because it gives them time to chat with department heads and their colleagues. 


After the school received many student and teacher complaints about the five minute passing periods, they have agreed to change the schedule, and have the ten minute passing periods instead of the five minute with the fifteen-minute break. With this new schedule, many students and teachers love the late start unified days!

Mari Kamemoto
Juniors chatting before classes begin!