Support animals bring help, hope.

Maria Denning , Reporter

Nowadays animals are used to help emotionally  and literally support people while also being pets.

We all know pets to be friendly, playful, creatures that are usually kept around for enjoyment and company.

Nowadays there is research to aht shows how our pets can actually help emotionally and be used as support animals. Animals such as dogs can be used to support a person who has an issue that is physical, such as diabetes or blindness. 

“He has been such a help,” said senior Whitney Dubler. “Before we knew about dogs that did that, we really struggled with low blood sugar which I actually really dangerous. I think it’s the best of both worlds, where is helps with something so crucial while also providing love and company.” 

Along with helping physically, it has been a new trend to have animals to emotionally support.

For people who are lonely, have mental issues or struggle with an emotional situation,animal’s are a big help. In more extreme cases, they also help with emotional issues such as PTS, which can be considered both emotional and physical. 

“I love coming home to my dogs,” said senior Emily Pierson. “I work all day at school and am stressed, so knowing that I have these two dogs that care about me and love me really helps. I also think that for teenagers and such having a pet that you take care of and are responsible for is really good and creates good habits.” 

Overall support animals have been benefiting people both emotionally and literally, causing an increase in the use of support animals.