The BBHS JV girls basketball team is basing their 2019-2020 season off of hard work and communication.

Katie O'Kane, Reporter

The JV girls basketball team is only a week into practice and are already coming together as a team. They have been working hard each practice which ultimately will lead to their success in future games. Their practices usually consist of running in order to better their fitness, shooting drills, working on their defensive structure, and ball handling drills to help everyone with their dribbling. Often, they will scrimmage against the varsity or freshmen team. This helps prepare them for their games because it simulates real game situations. 

They are already seeing so much progress in their team throughout this first week. Their teamwork and communication have tremendously helped them in games and practices. 

“My favorite part of basketball games is when the team is able to come together,” said Junior Jaden Mansfield. “We rely on each other and work hard.” 

Since the season just started, the players are all new to each other. They rely on their communication in games and practices because they don’t yet have the chemistry that comes to teams after playing together for a long time.  

Their coach is a big part of why they have had such a strong start to the season. The players feel as though he pushes them to be their best but never puts them down. He draws hard work out of each of them without pushing them too hard. 

“Coach Grant pushes us to work hard at practices so that we can be prepared for games,” 

The JV girls basketball team is using hard work and communication to start off an impending successful season.