Cheer Squad move indoors

Bishop Blanchet offers cheer squad to juniors and seniors as a way of showing school spirit and supporting our athletes.

Maria Denning , Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet cheer squad are a group of hardworking and enthusiastic girls that fill the school with spirit.

The team consists of upperclassmen that worked their way to their current positions. The cheer team begins their training during the summer and put in 10 hours a week learning the chants, dances, cheers, and other routines. In addition to their weekly meetings, they also have a week long camp with a professional cheerleader during the summer. During the year their practices are reduced to 2 or 4 days per week. 

“Preparing for Cheer is tough work,” said senior Kat Winge, “and you really have to be dedicated, but it’s all worth it. I love the team and appreciate what we get to do for the school.”

All the hard work and time that the cheerleaders put in is appreciated during the football and basketball season by both the school and the players themselves.

The cheerleaders bring a sense of positivity and uplift the crowds. 

“I absolutely love seeing the cheerleaders at the games,” said senior cheer parent Carie Mclawain. “They motivate me to keep cheering and bring out the competitive, fun side of me. I also love that my daughter is a part of something and involved in her school.”

In addition to promoting school spirit, the cheer team also allows for students within the team to create tight bonds and step out of comfort zones.