Behind the Scenes

Bishop Blanchet’s Sound and Light Crew is making magic behind the scenes.

Enya Pooler, Reporter

A crucial part of a live performance happens behind the scenes, both before production is mounted and during its run. 

As students, we most likely only hear about Sound and Light Crew during Mr. Bocian’s announcements after the assemblies; for example, “Sound and Light Crew meet in front of the stage after the assembly.”

What do they all do? Bishop Blanchet Sound and Light Crew is a crew that may not be noticeable, but works hard through volunteering and to make the assemblies and Blanchet events the best they can be. Sound and Light crew determine obviously, the sound and light through technology but also creates the opportunity to sit on the bleachers during assemblies as well as games and special events. 

Junior Eddie Rickles, a memer of The Crew who joined Sound and Light Crew in the middle of his Sophomore year. Rickles is a crucial part of this Crew; being a track athlete and freshman football player, his strength both physically and mentally helps the Crew with essential factors to promote special events, masses, sporting events, and assemblies.

Rickles mentions, “I love the Crew,” said Rickles, “I began to do it because of my friends, and setting up is fun.” Rickles adds, “I also get to skip class sometimes, so that is nice too.” 

As many students may not know, the sound and light crew also helps with parking at the sporting events. They are putting up cones on the field and even the fences around the field so people can not escape. The Crew not only does the technical work, but keeps the students in a safe environment. 

Another important person that is apart of the sound and light crew is Junior Maryia Lucia, she puts a tremendous amount of effort into the school’s Crew. 

Lucia has been involved since she was a freshman, likes to tell folks about how Mr. Bocian talked her into joining.

Lucia says, “I love to be involved,” said Lucia, “Helping around the school is something I love doing. Graduation is my favorite to help out with. Being apart of the upperclassmen’s success is cool.” 

Every member of the Crew is involved with setting up, cleaning up, and doing works humbly throughout the school from which is something that all of Blanchet should appreciate.