Loyal Customers Line Up For Greek Food

Restaurant open after being closed due to quarantine.

Ava Alan, Reporter

Many restaurants are starting back up and are not letting quarantine in their way, Nikos Gyros, a Greek style restaurant located in Magnolia and Beacon Hill, opened on Monday the 4th since being closed for over a month due to the Coronavirus quarantine. 

It was very busy with excited customers lining up to order on Monday. Eight Bishop Blanchet Senior girls went right after online classes on Monday afternoon, very excited for their favorite restaurant to open back up in Magnolia. 

“I am so excited Nikos is back. I have been craving it for such a long time and will now be ordering take out all the time!” said senior Claire Ramquist.

Nikos Gyros is a family restaurant with one family working there. Nikos has so many tasty choices on their menu including different types of gyros, soups, and greek salads.

“My favorite thing to order is a chicken gyro with a side of greek fries and feta,” said senior Liza Roe. “I have been eating at Nikos for as long as I can remember and everyone I know loves their food”. 

With Nikos opening back up again it is a good sign that more restaurants will open again soon and hopefully quarantine closures will come to an end.