Saint Vincent de Paul Raises Awareness on World Hunger

Kayla Ponti, Reporter

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The annual Saint Vincent de Paul Society Hunger Retreat will be held March 23-24.

The purpose of the retreat is to raise awareness of the impact of hunger throughout the world, as well as Seattle.

“We are hoping to get a lot of people to participate this year,” said Anne Monica.

Currently, Saint Vincent de Paul is actively planning this year’s retreat and are trying to decide on what kind of activities they want to bring into the retreat.

“We want to start off the retreat with activities that get participants thinking about hunger,” said Board Leader Sydney Jensen.

To start off the retreat, there are opening activities that relate to the idea about having a good relationship with food. They are going to start off by reading a statement that relates with a food topic and if you agree or disagree, you move to the opposite sides of the room.

The second opening activity is eating an orange slowly and focusing on the senses. This is supposed to make people think about the food they eat and thoroughly enjoy it as well.

Like last year, the leaders are planning on having a lagoon, which gives information and facts about hunger from around the world. Everyone is going to make crosses as the awareness display and disperse them around the school. It has not been decided on what they crosses are going to represent.

The leaders are currently trying to plan on getting a influential speaker to come speak on the topic of hunger.

For the service activity, the participants and leaders will  be working at Food Lifeline. According to Food Lifeline website, the organization rescues food and provides meals to thousands of people across Western Washington to help end today’s hunger.


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