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Speaker Christian Paige Visits Blanchet for Summit and Assembly

Derek Loen, Reporter

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During the last week of February, speaker and poet Christian Paige led a Diversity Leadership Summit and an assembly for the school.


The Diversity Leadership Summit, or DLS, took place over two days where over 30 students discussed difficult topics about race and equality. Students of all different races and grade levels participated. Paige led the students and told insightful stories about how his race has affected his life and what Blanchet can do to be more inclusive and united with everyone.


“I learned more about myself and how to be a mindful listener during difficult conversations,” said DLS attender Paloma Vazquez. “It was reassuring to know more people are willing to make a change at Blanchet.”


After the DLS, the diversity assembly took place on Friday where Paige shared his stories with the whole class. He said three stories all right after each other, not saying how they related to diversity. They were all very lighthearted and full of jokes. Once he was done with the stories, he went back and talked about what they meant, and how they related to his topic.


“I enjoyed the guest speaker,” said senior Jackson Brown. “I thought the message of his speech was really powerful.”


Paige encouraged inclusivity and respect around the school. He called all of the bystanders to take action and help create a more positive and united environment at Blanchet. His experience of being one of the only black people at a private school was especially insightful, as he described in what was he was treated poorly. Students were able to hear his wisdom and recognize how they can apply it in their lives.


“He was able to keep it interesting while still having a message to his stories,” said Junior Sebastian Grillo about Paige.


Between the Diversity Leadership Summit and the assembly, Paige left an impact on many students. With the help of the DLS attendees, Blanchet students will be making an effort to accept and respect the diversity throughout the school.  

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Speaker Christian Paige Visits Blanchet for Summit and Assembly