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Kairos Season Comes To a Bittersweet End

Allie Boyle, Reporter

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The last kairos of the year came to an end and it was a bittersweet way to end the year off. The spring Kairos was filled with both seniors and juniors who had the amazing opportunity of attending the retreat. They spent 4 days together at Warm Beach reflecting, growing, and learning more about themselves and others.

“It was very rewarding, and fun to experience Kairos again from a different perspective,” said senior leader Katy Needham.

The Spring Kairos was lead by BBHS teacher Andrew Scott along with all of the other student leaders. The leaders put in countless hours preparing for the retreat so that their fellow braves could have the best experience possible. The student leaders included John Steele, Will Battaglia, Katy Needham, Shannon Steele, Grace Klauser, Jackson Stanfield, Kai Lobo, and Markus Milan.

“Being a leader was a lot different because as a person on the retreat you are trying to take in as much as you can but as a leader you are trying to give your group members a great experience so it was a totally different experience but still a really good one” said leader John Steele. “I got a lot out of the retreat but my biggest take away was a feeling of gratification from getting to help the people around me go through their kairos experience”.

Steele had attended the previous Kairos in the winter time and he loved it! He wanted to come back and lead his classmates to make their experience just as special

“I had so much fun on the retreat,”said senior Elysa Williamson. “It was a great way for me to get to know my classmates better and it was nice to disconnect for a little bit and just focus on growing as a person.”

The Spring Kairos was a great way for the remaining seniors to end the year on a good note. It was definitely an experience that they will cherish forever.

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Kairos Season Comes To a Bittersweet End