Blanchet Continues Course Evaluations

Chris Salvador, reporter

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If taken seriously, course evaluations can be one of the most helpful tools a teacher can use to gain constructive criticism.


There are many students within Bishop Blanchet High School that don’t take course evaluations seriously; and this could hurt the chance of the class improving in upcoming years.


Course evaluations are surveys taken by each class that question you and your experience in that class. It has a load of benefits that the teacher can use to help improve the class.


“All teachers should welcome constructed feedback from their students,” said Mrs Katie Newman “And hopefully the students take the process seriously” Mrs Katie Newman


Most students don’t take the process seriously, forcing the teachers and staff to use only a small percentage of responses. To further our progress as a school, serious surveys must be taken.


“ The whole purpose is to provide feedback for the teacher can be very beneficial” said Ms. Nicole McCoy, the Academic Vice Principal.


Many students consider the process to be a waste of time, which is the source of the lack of serious submissions.


“ I think it’s a waste of my time because when you miss school, you need to catch up not do course evaluations” said senior Scott Yeung.


Many teachers said the evaluations can be advantageous to the improvement to their classes and help the school as a whole.

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