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2017-2018 Staff

Grace Klauser


Grace Klauser, a senior at Bishop Blanchet, is a second year as a member of the Journalism team. As one of four editors, her goals are to form a dynamic editorial team that produces high quality journalism.. Grace is on the swim...

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Joe Hinshaw


Joe Hinshaw is a senior at BBHS and a new addition to the Miter's reporting staff. In his free time, he enjoys cheering on the Braves, whether it be soccer, basketball, football, or cross country. Some of his other interests include...

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Molly Miska


Molly is a senior this year and it is her first year on the Miter Staff. She hopes to further her experience in writing and journalism. In her free time, Molly enjoys cheering on the braves as a cheerleader at Blanchet. She is...

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Zebiba Denning


Zebiba Denning is a new addition to the Miter this year. She is a senior at Bishop Blanchet and currently involved in Black Student Union and Diversity Club. Some of her favorite things to do on her spare time include browsing...

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Cade Prinzivalli


Cade Prinzivalli is a junior at Bishop Blanchet and is a new addition to The Miter staff. A novice journalist, he hopes to enhance his writing abilities and is eager to contribute to the newspaper. He enjoy spending his free time...

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Gigi Gallaudet


A new edition to the Miter this year, Gigi is a senior at Bishop Blanchet. She is the captain of the soccer team and a mentor on Brave Connection. When she is not writing articles or playing soccer, Gigi enjoys reading, spending...

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Georgia Costa


Georgia Costa is a senior at Bishop Blanchet High School and is taking journalism for the first time. Georgia is very interested in journalism and wishes to start her career with The Miter. Georgia plays for the girls varsity...

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Emily Wurdeman


Emily Wurdeman is a senior at BBHS and a new addition to The Miter. She is on the BBHS varsity lacrosse team and also dances hula and is an avid skier. She hopes to go on to study Marine Biology and Marine Mammals at the Unite...

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Abby Hawkins


Abby Hawkins, a senior, is excited to return to The Miter staff for a second year. Outside of school, Abby enjoys running track for the BBHS track team, spending time with her family and friends, and working at her retail job....

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Clara Costa


Clara Costa is a senior at Bishop Blanchet. This will be her second year working with the Miter and she is excited to create interesting content with a new group of journalists. A main goal Clara has this year is to work towards...

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Zoe Baker


Zoe Baker is a senior at Bishop Blanchet High School and is starting her first year of journalism this 2017-2018 school year.  Zoe has participated in both the swim team and the bowling team the past two years. Outside of school...

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Allie Boyle


Allie Boyle is a first time journalism team member entering her senior year at BBHS. During her senior year while participating in journalism and contributing to the Miter, Allie plans on improving her writing skills, and using t...

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Maddie Gudrian


Maddie Gudrian, a junior at Bishop Blanchet is excited for her first year on the Miter staff. In her first year as a student journalist, she would like to improve on her interviewing skills, writing skills, and telling the story...

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Hailey Mears


Hailey Mears, a senior at Bishop Blanchet High School, has always loved to read and write and is looking forward to applying those interests into working on The Miter. She is thrilled to be joining journalism, and is excited ...

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Julia Weinand


As a senior, this is Julia’s second year on The Miter staff. Promoted to editor, Julia is excited to take on the challenges of this new role while still strengthening her writing skills. Often found with either a book or pen i...

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Ellie Schober


Ellie Schober is a senior and new addition to The Miter team. She is a member of Blanchet’s soccer team and is a Brave Connection mentor. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending Blan...

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Jason Knoblich


Going into his senior year, Jason Knoblich makes his debut as a reporter for The Miter. Completely new to journalism, Jason hopes to sharpen his journalistic skills and improve on his writing ability. To gain some background on...

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Kayla Ponti


Kayla Ponti, a senior at Bishop Blanchet, is beginning her first year as a member of the Miter staff and journalism team. Kayla is excited to improve her writing skills by writing about the sports events, school news, and the...

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Samantha Zink


Samantha (or Sam) is a new member to BBHS Journalism this year. Samantha is a very ambitious and spirited writer who favors her English classes. When she isn't writing or reading, you can catch her performing Improv or singing...

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Rachel Willison


Rachel Willison is a new addition to the Miter this year. A senior at Bishop Blanchet, she is involved in ASB, Brave Connection, and is a ForeFront Ambassador. Some of her favorite things to do in her spare time include eating,...

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Derek Loen


One of the most exciting new staff members added to the team this year is Derek Loen. Derek is a senior this year at Blanchet and is involved in many activities throughout the school, from sports like Cross Country and Track to...

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Cole Thomas


Cole Thomas is a promising new addition to The Miter staff this year. Currently a junior at BBHS, Cole is a proud member of the Brave football team. Along with a passion for athletics, Cole is an avid writer who hopes to combi...

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Hunter Redmon


Hunter Redmon is a new and exciting addition to the journalism team at Bishop Blanchet High School. Hunter loves to express his ideas and connect with other people through writing. Being a senior who has played basketball and...

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Chris Salvador


Chris Salvador, a Senior at Bishop Blanchet, is going into his first year being a part of The Miter staff. He is excited to begin his journey as a journalist and strengthen his abilities as a writer. Chris enjoys attending sporting...

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