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2018-2019 Staff

Alexander Levy


Senior Alexander Levy is excited for his first year of Journalism. He has been involved in Chess Club and German Club in the past, and is currently involved in the AP curriculum. Alexander hopes to augment his writing and graph...

Dani Smith


Dani Smith, a senior this year at Bishop Blanchet, is starting her first year as part of the journalism team and Miter staff. While being part of this team her senior year, Dani hopes to strengthen her skills as a writer ...

Julia Stander


Junior Julia Stander, first time reporter for The Miter, gets her news through HNL and CNN. She reads Time magazine to catch up on worldly and national news. Her goals this year include improving her journalistic skills and...

Max Klauser


Junior Max Klauser , starting his first year writing for The Miter ,set his goals on learning to grow as a writer and journalist. Max is on the football team and runs track as well. He enjoys reading pop culture news, espec...

Jack Haskins


Jack Haskins, a senior at Bishop Blanchet,  consumes news in the form of Snapchat stories provided by The New York Times, CNN, Vice, and NowThis. While these stories usually cover a fair amount of information regarding the wee...

Lena Gorev


Lena Gorev, a senior at Bishop Blanchet, is a new member of the Journalism team and the Miter staff. As an avid reader and listener of NPR and CNN, Lena strives to make sure she stays on top of what is happening around the ...

Maddie Gudrian


Maddie Gudrian is entering her senior year at Bishop Blanchet High School. She is excited to be an editor of The Miter, The Miter Mag, and The Pallium 2019. Maddie is looking forward to writing political, social, investig...

Cole Thomas


Cole Thomas, a senior at Bishop Blanchet, is in his second year on “The Miter” staff, his first as an editor. Cole gave a fresh perspective to The Miter last year with his in depth look on the sports world, giving a unique loo...

Ava Dunlop


Bishop Blanchet Senior Ava Dunlop spends time watching CNN and MSNBC to be more informed on daily news. She believes that a variety of news sources is essential to forming a well-rounded view of events and issues. She fre...

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