The History of Homecoming

Maria Denning , Reporter

As VICE magazine mentions, homecoming was a tradition started by colleges where they had a week filled with activities, games, sports and more to welcome their alumni back to the school, but over the years it transformed into a high school staple as well.

Traditionally homecoming marked the start of the football season and made celebration of the alumni returning to their alma maters,wrote VICE magazine. The week would involve crazy dress up days related to a theme, high energies, and activities for students and faculty to be involved in. At the end of the week there would be a big football game with a dance to mark the end of the week. At the dance a king and queen would be voted, which is how the stereotype and popular image of homecoming became such an American phenomenon. As this tradition became more and more popular, high schools began to get involved in the movement. They took the idea of a dress up week for the students and a big game and dance to end off the week and used it. Now homecoming is just as much of an event for high schools as it was for colleges.

“It’s a fun way to show school spirit while also having fun and like doing more than just normal school stuff. I also think that it  actually brings the students closer especially the seniors.”said Senior Emily Pierson. Along with getting to dress up and attend these events that are set up, the students involved in the spirit week feel as if they grow closer together through the games and challenges that they face together. The homecoming week brings out everyone’s school spirit and drive to work together.

“By  Bishop Blanchet creating these challenges where we bring in food and try and raise money we are doing a really good thing while also making it feel like a game and something to enjoy. I also think that homecoming really starts off the year and creates a good environment for the rest of the year.” said junior Michael Schwartz. Even though homecoming started as a college tradition aimed for past alumni, it has transformed into something high schools can also participate in and achieve positive things such as raising money and food while also creating a fun environment for students.