Bishop Blanchet holds a Native American assembly

The annual Native American assembly at Bishop Blanchet educated and inspired our school.

Anais Erbe, Reporter

Bishop Blanchet strives to be a diverse community and to foster respect for other people’s cultures. On march 22nd, our assembly we had promoted diversity education and exposed us to the Native American culture around us. 

Run by the Brave Legacy Council which includes Kira Bifone, Josephine Partridge, Isaac Hartin-Pasco, Clare Fesalbon, Valerie Heckel, Emme Leonard, Sophia Andres, Natasha Drewry, and Grace Corkum-Plaster. The goal was to have students appreciate and understand more about the Native American culture. Our guest speaker, Sondra Segundo told the story of her ancestors and their background. She explained her traditions and made us aware of her spirituality. 

This assembly was able to build on the topic of boarding schools that we had learned about last year. Throughout the assembly she sang and read stories to us, ending the assembly with a chance for students to ask questions to her. 

“I was particularly impressed with the singing and Q&A.” said Jesse McFeron. 

He was pleased that the assembly went well and everyone participated.