Come Slay with us

Maya Quinanola, Reporter

Every Friday in the Commons, students of the Dungeons and Dragons club intertwine creativity into tabletop games after school, using their imagination to create characters to guide their heroes through their quest for treasure.

Club members tell the master how their character reacts in response to challenges that the master has planned and the dice determine how successful a player’s attempt may be.

 Dungeon and Dragons games generally last for two to four hours as they battle deadly foes and attempt daring rescues.

“The Bishop Blanchet Dungeons and Dragons club is beyond welcoming,” said senior Akli Amrous. “I have made long lasting friendships that I am so grateful for.”

The club is composed of two teams: one starting a new game and the second team continuing an unfinished game. Team bonding blossoms because the collaborative storytelling grows throughout the year, building lifelong friendships.

“The crazy adventures we embark enthralls me for every game,” said Armous, “no game will ever be the exact same, which is what makes me love it so much.”

The Bishop Blanchet Dungeons and Dragons club invites all students to join their quest on Fridays after school. All are welcome!