Round 1 of Senior Assassin Wraps Up

Seniors play fiercely through the first two weeks of senior assassin.

Julia Stander, Editor in Chief

Just after seniors returned from the winter Kairos retreat, the anticipated game of senior assassin began. The first round was two weeks long and participants did not hold back! Just after the first round, about 40 seniors have been eliminated, whether by being shot or not getting their target in enough time. Some proceeds go to the winner, and the rest goes to supporting Senior Prom.

“I got the very first kill of the games,” says senior Mason Wrenn “It was pretty easy because I had Cody Welch and we are friends, so when he got in my car I just shot him.” 

Wrenn is not the first to turn on her friend because of the brutal game. Students are willing to do anything for the $450 prize. 

“I got my kill with the help of some other students,” says senior Zach Stone, “I wouldn’t have known the whereabouts of my first target, Jack Burns, without the help of some people. It was rough, but in the end I got the kill.” 

Participants have been going all over town to get their targets, whether that be following them home or catching them outside of school while their targets are going about their daily routine. 

“I got Helena right outside track practice,” says senior Ben Dundas. “I’m glad I got a target that I knew pretty well so it would be easier to track them down.”

As round two gets started, students are prepared for an even fiercer competition, and are anticipating their new assignments. Since the targets will be randomized again, the element of surprise will be on their side again. For now, the leader with the most kills is Matt Martin, with a whopping 4 kills in one day!