Frau Willoughby Reminiscing Homecoming Week Memories

Kayla Ponti, Reporter

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The first week of October kicked off Homecoming celebrations for the Brave community, and German teacher, Frau Willoughby was reminiscing on her homecoming memories from her time as a Blanchet student.

Frau Willoughby’s favorite memory from homecoming week is from freshman year, and the theme of the week was various cereals. Mr. Hecko, a current Blanchet History teacher dressed up as the “bee” from the Honey Nut Cheerios commercial.

“He was wearing yellow tights and it was pretty cool and is definitely one of my favorite memories,” said Frau.

Looking back at high school, Frau remembered a story of a boy that she had crush on. He asked her to the homecoming dance, but things ended with unfortunate circumstances.

“The boy asked me by writing a note on the back of his picture [he gave me],” said Willoughby, “and I was so excited and told my mom, but she wouldn’t let me go because I was not 16 and not old enough to go on a date.”

Eventually, Frau told the boy about the situation and he ended up asking another girl in the class to accompany him.

“The girl he ended up asking to homecoming in high school was the girl he ended up marrying,” said Willoughby, “and I never got to go on a date with the guy I liked.”

Homecoming week, although filled with unrequited love for Frau, Blanchet students enjoy it every year.





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