Mr. Bocian Reminisces on Homecoming Weeks of Yonder

Joe Hinshaw, Reporter

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Joe Hinshaw
Vice Principal Chuck Bocian, decked out in festive Bishop Blanchet attire, smiles for the camera with senior Robby Ramos.

Many things have changed since Vice Principal Chuck Bocian attended Bishop Blanchet as a student in the early 1970s, but he can assure that the spirit of Homecoming Week has always remained the same.

Mr. Bocian remembered back to when he was an incoming freshman in 1969, and compared the Homecoming traditions of his time to those of today. He recalls that the basic structure of the week and the overall spirit was the same as today, but certain aspects were a little different.

For instance, instead of hiring a DJ for the Homecoming dance, Blanchet commissioned a live band to perform.

“My favorite part was the Homecoming dance,” said Biocian. “Most everyone in the school went and we had a grand time!”

Another thing Mr. Bocian recalled was the beloved Homecoming game always being a highlight.

“We did our best to make sure the BIG game was against one of our traditional rivals: Prep or O’Dea,” said Bocian.

According to Bocian, the crux of the Homecoming week is, and has always been, to celebrate our identity as a Catholic school. This week gives us a chance to reflect on our faith and what it means to be part of this Brave community.

Anyone can participate in the Homecoming festivities, no matter what clubs or sports you’re a part of. This has been an essential part of Blanchet’s Homecoming week since the beginning.

“Homecoming at Blanchet is all inclusive,” said Bocian. “It’s about the Brave family, not just part of the family.”

Mr. Bocian has been involved in the Blanchet community since he attended the school in the early 1970s, and has experienced the vibrancy of this school’s Homecoming week for years.

This special week has always been about celebrating our identity as a Brave community and sharing our gifts to keep the spirit of Homecoming week alive.

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