Fashion Club Brings Style to School

Rachel Willison, Reporter

At the start of the 2017-2018 school year a new club joined the list of the numerous clubs and activities Bishop Blanchet has to offer; Fashion Club.

Fashion Club is open to everyone, helps you to identify your personal style, welcomes all kinds of styles, and builds a community of individuals who are interested in all aspects of fashion.

Co-President Frances Mae Golla wanted to start a fashion club because she loves fashion and was surprised Bishop Blanchet didn’t already have one.

“I am really interested in fashion,” said Golla. “I was really surprised there was no fashion club at Blanchet because there are so many fashionable people here so I figured why not start one!”

In Fashion Club the members do many different things from discussing new and old trends, to creating new projects.

“Our current project is DIY (do-it-yourself) jean distressing,” said Golla. “So the club members are going to each bring in some denim and we will distress them.”

Co-President Kaja Haynes is also looking forward to learning how to sew from some of the members in the club with sewing experience.

“We are also hoping that we will learn how to sew through our members because a lot of the members own sewing machines” said Haynes.

Fashion Club didn’t have many members at their first meeting, but their member count is on the rise and they are looking forward to expanding their club.

“The first two meetings were kinda sad because no one showed up,” said Golla. “But the third meeting was a great success and currently we have about 9 members!”

Fashion Club is always encouraging new members to join and meets twice a month in room 209; from 2:30-3:15 on the first and last Wednesday of the month.