The Secret in the Wings Review

Rachel Willison, Reporter

On Thursday, November 30th, the Marge Bradburn Theater was filled with many Blanchet faculty and students patiently awaiting the performance of Blanchet’s fall play, The Secret in the Wings.

This year, the Blanchet Drama Department selected Mary Zimmerman’s The Secret in the Wings for their fall play. The Secret in the Wings is a collection of dark, lesser-known fairy tales, where the first part of each fairy tale is interrupted by the first part of the next fairy tale until the central story is reached.

Dixie Strunk, a business and technology instructor at Blanchet attended the play, and loved the performance.

“I really liked the performance of Samantha and the Ogre,” said Strunk. “They kept everything together. Additionally, you need to stay to the end of the play to truly understand it all. I really liked it, and I am glad I attended.”

My favorite character was the ambassador, played by Parker V. Thompson. Thompson was incredibly versatile and did an amazing job playing his various roles.

Junior Kyle Scott thought the play was confusing at first, but in the end really enjoyed it.

“It was a trip and a little confusing, but in a really good way,” said Scott. “It left me thinking about a lot of things.”

I, too, was lost at first, paying close attention was key to understanding the full story. In the end, when everything came together, the storyline became clear, and I really enjoyed it.