The Brave Community Kicks off the Christmas Season by Giving Back

Kayla Ponti, Reporter

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To kick start the Christmas season at Bishop Blanchet, the Braves give back to the community and prepare Christmas Baskets full of gifts for families who are unable to provide for themselves.

Every Community Period class is assigned a family and they will prepare a basket full of Christmas presents. The families make a list of items that they would like to receive. The items normally range from toys to clothes to just basic living essentials such as food.

Each Community Period class has a discussion and assigns students to buy the items that are requested so that each of the requested items can be purchased for the family.

“I think that the Christmas baskets are a great way to remember what the Christmas season is all about,” said senior Maylynn Lee.

During the holiday season, it is really easy to get caught up in the materialism part of the holiday and forget about giving back to others and providing service for our community, but the baskets are a great reminder.

All families have different requests of the gifts that they would like to receive, some more specific than others.

“It’s really sad when families ask for stuff like a warm coat and gift cards to grocery stores,” said senior Olivia Zumdieck. “It makes me realize how fortunate I am to have access to food and warm clothing. ”

Once all items are purchased, the class will wrap the gifts and a couple of students will hand deliver baskets full of items to the families.

“Meeting the people that you are helping out is really inspiring and makes you feel like you made an impact in someone’s life,” said Zumdieck.

We must always remember the real meaning of Christmas and give back to others.

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