French Week at Blanchet is “Très Chic”

Rachel Willison, Reporter

On the morning of Monday, December 4, French music began to takeover the halls of Bishop Blanchet, and at that moment everyone knew French Week had begun.

Every year, the French Club organizes a week of French related activities, from crepe making and baguette fights, to morning reflections and trivia in order to celebrate the language and culture of France.

Long time French instructor Jennifer Hallenbeck thought this was one of the best French Weeks ever.

“This year’s French Week has been ‘chouette’!” said Hallenbeck. “The French Club officers planned super “amusant” activities, and the school looks “très chic” with all of the decorations!”

Anna Reese, Vice President of the French Club and one of the main officers that helped plan French Week, really enjoyed planning the fun activities that went on throughout the week.

“French Week is a time to celebrate the French culture and have fun learning about it.” said Reese. “As Vice President of the French Club, I had a ton of fun planning all the games for the students and reading my morning reflection.”

Four year French student, Erin McDonagh loved seeing everyone, not just French students get involved all throughout the week.

“I loved all the activities, especially the bake sale,” said McDonagh. “It was fun to see students who don’t take French get really involved and into it.”

Activities that took place included, a bake sale that benefited the French Club, late start crepe making, baguette fights in the quad, and to round off the week, some French Trivia in the cafeteria.

As “amusant” as this week was, it held a special place in McDonagh’s memory.

“This French Week was very special for me,” said McDonagh. “I gave my first morning reflection, although it was nerve-racking, it was a great experience.”

With another French Week in the books, the French Club hopes everyone enjoyed all the activities that took place and looks forward to next year’s French Week.