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Discover Natalie Gryniewicz’s One Act Play

Jason Knoblich, Reporter

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Senior Natalie Gryniewicz hopes to impact audiences with a thought provoking play dealing with teenage suicide.

With the fall play over and done, the Blanchet Drama Department sets its sights on the One Act Plays, and with it Gryniewicz has the opportunity to tell what she feels is an important story and message.

On January 18th Blanchet starts presenting its’ seniors One Act Plays, and on the 19th Gryniewicz will direct her One Act Play My Friend Never Said Goodbye written by Robert Mauro. This play follows the story of two characters, Tommy, played by junior Lucas Wesley, and Annie, played by Savannah Waltier. In this drama Tommy recently commited suicide and is trying to communicate with Annie to try and explain why he did what he did. Overall, the message of the play, and the message Gryniewicz hopes to get across to her audience, is that your actions, no matter how big or small, affect others. She is also hoping to raise awareness about teen suicide, asking all those who attend to donate whatever they can to a teen suicide prevention organization.

“I’m very passionate about it [suicide prevention],” said Gryniewicz, “And the show talks a lot about how the boy could’ve gotten help and I want to make sure the audience recognizes that their actions do impact others.”

In total, with only some outside help, only four people are solely contributing to the production; Gryniewicz is the director, Waltier and Wesley are the actors, and Samantha Tuesta is the stage manager. They meet three times a week after school to prepare and rehearse for this play, dedicating numerous hours of their time to make this production the best it possibly could be. Like Gryniewicz, the entire crew hopes the audience comes away with a positive message, and are more easily able to empathize with others and appreciate those around them who will support them in their darkest moments.

“One line really hit me hard.” said Samantha Tuesta. “‘You could’ve gotten help, anyone can.’ When I heard that line it hit me like a ton of bricks. I hope that when people see this play, they take away that there are so many people ready to be there for you in your time of need.

Every member of Gryniewicz’s crew had nothing but outstanding things to say about her, complimenting her expertise as a director and actress. Even further, each member cited working with Gryniewicz and each other as their favorite part of working on this production.

“Both Samantha and Natalie are great directors!” said Savannah Waltier. “They are both excellent actors as well so that helps knowing they understand everything. They always seem to know my questions before I even ask and give me so many good prompts that help me discover my character and understand the show.”

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Discover Natalie Gryniewicz’s One Act Play