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Student Director Chiara Procaccio Drops Some Hints On Her One Act

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Student Director Chiara Procaccio Drops Some Hints On Her One Act

Maddie Gudrian, Reporter

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On January 20, Blanchet students will have the opportunity to watch the student directed one act plays, but for now, students will have to guess what the directors are planning.

Senior Chiara Procaccio is one of the students directing a one act, her chosen one act is Camel Dung and Cloves written by Dara Murphy, but Chiara adds her own personal twists into it.

Her play is originally written for three girls, but she went against the original writing and cast two boys, juniors Kyle Scott and Daniel Satterwhite, as two of the characters and kept the third a girl, who will be played by junior Anna Lewis.

“I decided to cast Kyle,” said Procaccio, “and this one was actually a bit of a wild card because the original script is actually written for three girls. I wanted to have the three girls, but when Kyle came in he nailed his audition and I had him read from my script just to see how he did because I didn’t intend on casting a guy for his role, he read for it, absolutely killed it, so I made the script so it could be more relatable to him as a male. I cast Daniel because he just really fit the role of Johnny because the character is very mild mannered and being able to see him play this kind of set to the side character is what I really want to be seen in my show”.

One of her challenges with this project is her personal energy levels, which makes it hard to put everything together right before break. Although it’s a challenge, she is putting in work to make this project flow smoothly and be perfect.

“It feels a bit rushed and I think that’s true for everybody and not just myself,” said Procaccio, “But really the biggest challenge with that is you have to make everything you have work in such little amount of time but you have to put your best effort and go forward with it”.

This play is one that really makes you think about how susceptible you are to control. As time draws closer to the show, she hopes that once it finally comes around the audience will think about what makes them what to fight or be controlled.

“I hope they’re a little freaked out honestly,” said Proccio, “The show itself is kind of creepy, but I hope that it makes [the audience] think. I think the show had the power to make people think about ‘how susceptible to control am I?’ and ‘how much do I want to factor in sacrificing my own individuality and my own beliefs in order to follow this one track mind way of control?’ I hope they’re able to find their own personal stance and meaning about the show, rather than just what I explain”.

Student directed one acts are on January 20.

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Student Director Chiara Procaccio Drops Some Hints On Her One Act