Bishop Blanchet Bowls a Perfect Strike

Joe Hinshaw, Reporter

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Toby McGill and the Bishop Blanchet bowling team stopped by Spin Alley in Shoreline on Wednesday for their weekly game of bowling. This laid-back club is enjoyable for bowlers of all skill levels and is a hit among the student body.


Seniors Elysa Williamson and Kate Landry enjoy a good game of bowling with the Bishop Blanchet squad. Though they aren’t quite professional-level players yet, this team provides a fun place for them to improve their skills.


“It’s super relaxed and not too competitive,”  said Landry, “so it’s a perfect place to practice bowling with my friends.”


This team, originally started in 2005 by Bishop Blanchet teachers Michael Pierce and Toby McGill, has developed into a favorite among Bishop Blanchet students.


“The club is really for students to have fun and improve their scores,” said McGill.


This mindset is what’s most appealing about bowling to many of the 50 participants.


“All my friends are on the team,” said Williamson. “I usually score around 60 points, but I hope to get at least 100 someday.”


The team is split up into players of varsity and junior varsity skill levels, but is open to anyone from beginners to seasoned champs.


There’s no pressure to perform like a pro, but the stakes are pretty high with the season winner’s prize being a coveted $125 gift card to Dick’s drive-in.


“The squad is very inclusive and fun,” said McGill. “Many bowlers continue to improve  every week, but everyone genuinely just plays for the fun if it.”


The team meets every Wednesday at Bishop Blanchet’s “bus barn” at 2:40 and bowls at Spin Alley until 4:30.

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