Being Active is No Problem at Blanchet

Rachel Willison, Reporter

With the New Year in full swing, many Bishop Blanchet students have made it a priority to stay active and healthy, from running, weightlifting, to even squats while watching TV.

While health has always been important, there tends to be a surge at the beginning of each year. However, some students are staying healthy and active year round.

Varsity Cheer co-captain, Anna Reese likes to stay active by working her exercise into her daily activities.

“My favorite way to workout is to do exercises when I multitask,” said Reese. “I will do squats when I watch TV or leg lifts when I brush my teeth.”

Some students enjoy the more traditional workouts such as running, participating in a sport, or weightlifting.

Football and Track and Field star, Austin Aiona enjoys getting back to the basics when working out.

“I would say weightlifting is my favorite way to workout,” said Aiona. “I really don’t like to run.”

However, some students stray from the more mainstream ways of working out.

Senior, Erin McDonagh has taken a liking to barre workouts, specifically Pure Barre.

“My favorite way to workout is Pure Barre,” said McDonagh. “Everyone there is so encouraging. It’s all about working on yourself, which is not like the normal gym because whenever I go to a normal gym I feel like I’m competing with the person next to me.”

Blanchet has many facilities that are open to all students, including the brand new cardio room, the gym, and the weight room. Check with Mr. Bocian to see what time the facilities are open and available for use.