Tolo Fishes for a Fun Night

Rachel Willison, Reporter

On March 9, 2018, The Canal in Ballard was packed with students of all grades from Bishop Blanchet; with a new, different venue, it was a dance to remember.

Tolo has always been a hard dance to plan, mostly due to the fact that there is no “good” time to have it. Major dances such as Homecoming and Winter ball are spaced out evenly, so it is hard to gage when to actually have Tolo.

Last year, the junior class cabinet decided to have Tolo in the fall after Homecoming, but this year after deep consideration, the juniors decided to move it to the spring.

Junior class cabinet officer Liam Tracey loved the venue and was grateful they waited to have the dance.

“We wanted to mix things up this year with a new venue,” said Tracey “We thought it was a success.”

Senior Chase Font doesn’t go to dances that often, but was glad he went and enjoyed the music all night long.

“DJ Lance came in clutch with some serious tunes,” said Font. “It made my experience very enjoyable and fun.”

Senior Lucy Yates loved the new venue and considered it the best Tolo of her high school career.

“I loved the venue!” said Yates. “I had a lot of fun dancing with my friends, and it was by far the best Tolo.”