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Guys and Dolls Commences!

Samantha Zink, Reporter

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Bishop Blanchet’s musical Guys and Dolls, has been underway since the end of January and with Director Liz French McCarthy making headway, the show is starting to come together.

Blanchet has a history have having one of the best Drama programs in the Northwest, and Liz McCarthy French only aids to this fact. She has kept a professional attitude around the actors and the actors return that professional attitude to Liz. This has made it so the show has fast tracked and already many scenes have been blocked and dance numbers choreographed.

“Choreography always hard to learn for me,” said junior Lucas Wesley. “ But once we’ve gotten it down, it’s always so much fun seeing it all come together!”

The beginning scenes of the show have been blocked and ran through many times. The show can start to come to life in these parts because when actors no longer need a script to read off of, they instead say it from memory and add their touch to it.

“As a main (character) I have so many lines to memorize,” said junior Nick Shamulka.”Honestly, haven’t memorized all of them, the workload is hard, but in the end we put on a beautiful show.”

The other crews apart of the show have been well underway. Stage crew, who is always working hard to bring the stage to life has already put the main stage into the black box for the actors to block on. Hair and makeup has been meeting on Sundays to practice the style of the 1930’s. Costume crew has been already calling actors in for their fittings and creating new costumes for all of the actors. As well as publicity crew selling ads to help aid in the price of putting on such a wonderful show.

“I’ve been having a really good time,” said junior Leah McIntyre. “ Liz is a great director and I really enjoy working with her.”

With so much work ahead of the cast and crews, it seems like they have accomplished so little, but within time, it will be much more noticeable how much the show has come along.

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Guys and Dolls Commences!