Intramurals Back in Action

Jason Knoblich, Reporter

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With the last intramural sport, dodgeball, over and done with it is time to start up a new sport and find new teammates to compete head to head with.

Mr. Brewster, a new theology teacher at Blanchet, has taken it upon himself to try and bring students from all grade levels closer through participation in sports. This is the first year that Blanchet has ever hosted intramural sports, and it has been a success so far. The first ever sport played was basketball, attracting many students ranging from freshman to seniors. Then, after the conclusion of intramural basketball, dodgeball was started up. Many students have had fun creating teams and competing with their friends, and with intramural volleyball starting up now, Mr. Brewster and Blanchet students are hoping to continue the trend of fun.

“It’s just a fun way to spend a Sunday night,” said senior Will Fleming. “You go, hangout with some friends, and get to compete in a fun, lighthearted environment.”

Games are only played on Sundays, giving the opportunity for teams, if they wish, to practice during the week. Each team plays two matches each Sunday, the winner being the team who wins two out of three sets. Each set is played to fifteen points, the last set, if it comes to it, is only played to ten. Only playing the games to fifteen or ten points brings up the intensity of each game, making each possession much more important.

“It’s crazy out there.” Said senior Lars Krokum. “Everyone is super into it, talking a little bit of trash, and doing their best to win.”

Every game is important to your teams overall standings, with each win and loss recorded. The games are then based off of these wins and losses, matching the best teams against each other, eventually leading to the final matchup between the top two teams.

“The intramural volleyball games are really fun.” Said senior Paul Codd. “Our team is so competitive, we’re trying to win the championship and I think we have a pretty good chance of doing it.

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