Sophomore Retreat is a Time to be Kind!

Rachel Willison, Reporter

On the morning of Thursday, April 12 and Friday, April 13, Bishop Blanchet’s sophomore class loaded into buses on their way to the Daybreak Star Center in Discovery Park to uncover what it really means to be kind at Bishop Blanchet.

The sophomore retreat is held every spring, but with a new Campus Ministry Director, Rachel Longest, there were some slight changes to the retreat.

This year there were no student leaders. The retreat was led by various faculty members and campus ministry personnel.

Sophomore Mia Singh really enjoyed the retreat and the new aspects of the retreat that were brought to the table by Rachel Longest.

“Sophomore retreat was an overall positive experience,” said Singh. “I really liked the nature walk and writing letters to people in other grades!”

Campus Ministry Director Rachel Longest was very happy with the overall energy and time the sophomores put into the retreat.

“The students brought a lot of energy,” said Longest. “They explored what it means to Be Kind: Find God in One Another through walking, talking, brainstorming, writing, and eating.”

Sophomore Steven Rotiz had heard the retreat wasn’t very fun from some upperclassmen, but in the end he loved the retreat.

“Sophomore retreat was great,” said Rotiz. “It was a lot better than people said it would be”.