History of Hecko

The Bishop Blanchet Miter examines the life and gets a personal look at Mr. Brett Hecko of the History Department

Liam Tracey, Reporter

Brett Hecko was born in Greencastle, Indiana and made his way to Depauw. At Depauw, he carried his team to the DII Championship Game.

“My college teammates ended up being my best friends,” said Hecko. “In fact, I just visited them in Chicago last weekend.”

Blessed with good history teachers throughout his academic studies, he decided to become a history teacher. He and his wife wanted a change from the midwest and despite never visiting the Northwest, they moved to Seattle.

“It took time to adjust,” said Hecko. “It was the opposite experience of what I was used to.”

However, Hecko is still happily living in his home at Maple Leaf with his wife and two kids, Ben and Abby.

Mr. Hecko has a unique ability to communicate with students.

“I share a lack of intellect with any students and I’m able to easily relate to them,” said Hecko.

Beyond academics, Hecko has accomplished a lot in athletics at Blanchet. His highlights range from the girl’s basketball team reaching the title game in his first year as a coach, beating a Seattle Prep boys basketball team with two future NBA Draft Lottery Picks, Martell Webster and Spencer Hawes, twice and starting Bishop Blanchet’s Ultimate Frisbee Program.