Forty-Four years of fun for Mr. Mason

Mr. Charlie Mason ends his forty-four year stride through the blanchet halls becoming a fellow 2019 “graduate” as he dives into his long awaited retirement.

Lena Gorev, Reporter

For four decades students and staff have heard Mr. Charlie Mason’s loud, overpowering laugh and voice through the halls of Blanchet. Sadly, starting next school year the halls will be a little quieter as Mr. Mason will finally retire after forty-four years at Bishop Blanchet. Mr. Mason is the head of the science department, teaching all of the physics classes for every grade.

While asking Mason what his favorite grade to teach is, he shrugged and said, “I enjoy teaching all grade levels because children are a gift from God,” said Mason. His passion and love for his faith was one of the main reasons he decided to stay at Blanchet for so long. “In the Catholic school system, we have strong families.” “Our community is faith based and that is important to me, being surrounded by people who are believers in the Lord.” Said Mason.

Being a teacher for so long made it  difficult to say goodbye being such a big part of him. Mason lives over an hour away near SeaTac so the commutes he made to Blanchet everyday were long and tiring which he wasn’t too sad to give up. He was able to find a middle ground and will be working part time at Christian schools located about fifteen minutes away from his home. He will also be camping a lot more as well as going on his first cruise to Mexico with some of his buddies, “I have never been on a cruise and I understand that they have great food.” said Mason.

Saying goodbye to forty four years of a place he was able to call “home” is tough but with the bittersweet feeling Mason has been able to see so much growth of Blanchet. “I have seen great football and basketball games.” said Mason. “I have seen so many additions to BBHS and construction work accomplished over the years that has made the school a better place for the students.” Mason’s colleagues Mrs. Barbara Stewart and Ms. Lisa Olsen had kind words to say about him. Stewart has worked with him for nineteen years, stating that he is a hard worker, dedicated, compassionate and a great friend that she will miss dearly. Olsen said that Mason has a great sense of humor and is incredibly dedicated to his students and family. Blanchet will not be the same without Mr. Mason and we thank him for everything he has done for his amazing forty four years.