Puget Sound Math Teachers make Blanchet their home for an evening

Alex Levy, Reporter

Bishop Blanchet hosted the Puget Sound Council of Teachers of Mathematics for their Spring 2019 dinner event last week on May 20th. The event was held in Haggerty Hall and welcomed guests for a meal and a workshop.

“This workshop aims to push back against current US schools’ eurocentric forms of mathematics as well as exploring (the) concept of ethnomathematics, the relationship between math and culture,” according to the official PSCTM website. The workshop was headed by UW PhD Candidate Saraswati Noel.

Dinners like the one on the 20th are not by any means unique to that day, and are scheduled for three times a year according to teacher and facilitator Kerry Burrows. The event was originally scheduled for early this year, February 11, but had to be rescheduled due to snow and got pushed all the way back to May.

In addition to the spring dinner, PSCTM is also responsible for the Northwest Math Council, which is held in October and has been attended by BBHS community members in the past.

Unfortunately, at the time of publishing any attendees of the event could not be reached for further commentary.