Father Parrish is getting a Parish

After two years the Blanchet community has to say goodbye to Father Parrish.

Lena Gorev, Reporter

Bishop Blanchet has not had an official, permanent Chaplain but the two years Father Parish was here sure felt like it. After having the pleasure to see him develop into his faith and leadership his time at Blanchet is coming to a close.


Father Parrish will be going to Saint Anne’s in Queen Anne and Father Bill Herrick will be our part time Chaplain at Blanchet hosting mass, and diving into our faith based community. Father Parrish has been such a blessing and light for students and faculty, always having his door open to anyone who needs guidance or just someone to talk to, running masses, and participating in retreats. Everytime you would run into him he would have a smile on his face and ask how you are doing, having someone truly interested in others lives which can be a task for others in his role as there is so much to do already is very special.


We have been extremely lucky to be by his side through his growth as a Chaplain and watch him be such a huge part of our campus ministry. His devotion to Christ and to our school has never gone unnoticed and the Blanchet community thanks him for all he has done.