The votes are in, and 2020 has its senior cabinet

Ava Dunlop, Reporter

The class of 2020 chose some new and familiar faces to serve the class as  its class cabinet.

Serving on the new cabinet are Jack Jarvis, Chris Dyckman, Anna Todd, Kaitlin Flinn, and Abial Gebremedhin.

“Working hard for your class will lead to a more enriched community,” said Jack Jarvis. “It doesn’t take a lot to be willing to listen to the needs of your classmates and try your hardest to fulfill them.”

The senior cabinet works closely with class adviser, Mr. Chris Grasseschi to plan the events that define your senior year: Senior Cruise, class blood drives, Tradition week, and in May , the Senior Prom.  The key to keeping those events in line with the class’s desires s for the cabinet to listen to the whole lass, not just each other or their friends.

“I want to make sure everybody has their voice heard!” said Anna Todd.

The first big event is Senior Cruise, to be held on Sunday, September 15th.

“We will work on that right away,” said Grasseschi, “It sneaks up on us; it is only the second weekend of the school year.”

There are so many responsibilities that class cabinet takes on, but most importantly their influence and leadership.

“We need to work for the greater good of our class and  of our school,” said Kaitlin Flinn,  “not just what we want to do.”

The cabinet meets for the first time on Friday, June 7th to assign jobs and get the work started on the Cruise.