A Rising Comedy Master


Ava Dunlop, Reporter

Senior, Felix Halvorson, runs an entertaining Instagram profile that focuses on comedy and character design. His process is rather spontaneous, as he spends time with friends who inspire him in such a way to create video sketches.

Halvorson spares no creativity in making his inspired characters. His drive to add to the humor of each situation he encounters and add joy into the hearts of everyone he meets is unmatchable.

“It usually just starts with me doing something stupid in life, and then I go from there,” said Halvorson.
Every once in a while, he will post on Instagram with a caption “New Character #_…” He describes the idea depicted in the video, taking inspiration from both people and music. His creativity has driven him to make 33 outstandingly funny characters that those cued in on his talent look forward to. His humor is exhibited in his daily life and even teachers recognize his artistic vision.
“I think he’s a good combination of creative genius, very deep and empathetic. He relates well to people and connects those around him,” said Kelli Christiansen.
Halvorson wants to go on and study this form of comedy and acting. He has taken classes at USC, and practices what is called “clown.” This form of comedy disregards dialogue and focuses more on the persona and actions of the character.
“If I used dialogue, they would start to not be as good for lack of a better word. I think that if I had characters that were talking all the time, I would start trying to be too clever,” said Halvorson.

Halvorson incorporates his friends and fellow students into his ideas. He loves getting raw reactions and having fun with the content he is creating.

The simplicity and ability for his viewers to relate to his creative visions put value into his work. He gives a significant amount of credit to those who film and support him in the making of each video. Halvorson’s friends are a huge inspiration to him, and he is a huge inspiration to others.
“He inspires me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and makes me smile every day,” said senior Sam Frank.
Check Felix Halvorson out on instagram to get a good laugh, and explore his creativity.