Howdy to the 2019-2020 School Year!

Brave Connection puts on annual two-day welcome for incoming freshman. 


Julia Stander, Editor

Just as summer was coming to a close, Brave Connection hosted the incoming  freshmen for two days of fun filled activities and icebreakers.

An incoming freshman participates is the icebreaker activities and gets to know her classmates.

The hope with the program is the freshmen will get to know each other- along with some volunteering upperclassman -and feel more comfortable for their first year at Bishop Blanchet. 

Both days started at 8:30 am where students met up with their new CP’s. Freshmen also learned their new dance to showcase at the school assembly on Friday, September 6th.

The theme this year was Country/western. Students received A colorful bandanna and fun T-shirt upon arrival to match the theme.

“This year’s theme is by far my favorite,” said senior class president, Kaitlin Flinn. “We created the dance to match the theme as well.” 

The dance seemed complicated at first for most, but once the lessons started, the freshman picked it up relatively quickly.

“The dance has been my favorite part of this so far. It’s fun to watch everyone just let loose and laugh at themselves,” said Freshman Turner Macolwain. 

The event  also put a little “gitty up” in the gait of the people in charge .

“This is the best year yet,” said Ms. Kori Boyd, who along with Ms. Laura Meaux, directed the activities.  “(It was) such a success.”