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North and South Korea Begin to Mend Troubled Relationship Through Winter Olympics

Joe Hinshaw, Reporter

February 27, 2018

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Despite decades of hostile relations and bitter dissonance, North and South Korea have made plans to march under one flag in this year’s Winter Olympics, displaying an unprecedented sign of reparation between the two nations. Si...

North Korean Cheer Squad Makes an Impression at the 2018 Olympic Games

Gigi Gallaudet, Reporter

February 27, 2018

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This year at the Winter Olympics there have been many sources of interest, from Russia’s disqualification, to North and South Korea competing together, to an elusive new phenomenon: North Korea’s Cheer Team. The 229-member s...

Hawaii Incident Leaves To Diminished Confidence In Warning System

Chris Salvador, reporter

January 22, 2018

Filed under News

  On the morning of January 13th the people of Hawaii had a little scare when they received a warning of an incoming ballistic missile in bound to the islands.   This was particularly scary because this fal...

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