“Pride and Prejudice” begins to take shape

Enya Pooler, Reporter

From behind the scenes to on stage, the Bishop Blanchet Fall Play, Pride and Prejudice, is up and ready for action.

Starting on the 1st-3rd of November,  Blanchet students will perform after weeks of rehearsing to bring the best possible show. Cate Brewer, a senior at BBHS who has been performing all four years at Blanchet, has always enjoyed drama and being apart of the Drama program, it was something she knew she wanted to get involved in coming into Blanchet as a freshman. 

“I’ve done shows since I was in like 3rd grade, I think,” said Brewer, “but Blanchet is definitely the most professional program I’ve been a part of and I haven’t done shows anywhere else since coming to Blanchet.”

Brewer wants to continue into the Spring Musical and plays an amazing role in the arts at Bishop Blanchet. 

Outside of the performers on stage, there is a huge community that is working hard, creating, and producing.

Junior Clare Fesalbon has been apart of BBHS Theater since her Freshman year. She has stage managed, was a part of stage crew, and in costume crew. 

 “There is a lot that goes into a show or production beyond the acting,” said Fesalbon, “there’s a lot of hidden moving parts going on behind the scenes so I work a lot back stage, its super fun.”

Fesalbon wants to pursue her skills that she has learned from being on the crew and use them for the future. 

“The Blanchet drama program is one of the most productive and professional programs I have been apart of,” said Fesalbon, “I am so happy I am apart of it.”