Ella Haskins’ Road to State

Maya Quinanola, Reporter

Bishop Blanchet state qualifier for swim and track, Ella Haskins, is dedicated to a strict routine as she is off to compete in state this fall. 

Her  commitment in the pool is admirable; however, it does not stop there. Her work inside and out has resulted in 32 offers from various colleges across the nation, including Princeton, University of Arizona, Rutgers, University of Cincinnati, and University of Idaho.

Outside of the pool, she is conscious of sustaining a healthy body to not end up in the hospital again. 

 “[Last year,] I had the first ever recorded case of Rhabdomyolysis in the abdomen,” said Haskins, “I drink two protein shakes a day and carbo load just about everyday” 

As a junior in high school, Haskins will have qualified for state three times each for swim and track. In addition, this season she is focused on improving her time.

Haskins dedicates her life to her athletic career, constantly finding new ways to improve. 

“I swim twice a day for seven days [with blanchet and with my] personal trainer three times a week,” said Haskins “[I] sleep for about five hours”.

Over the course of her time at Blanchet, Haskins has grown a strong bond with the team. 

“I love the team they really are my second family,” said Haskins. Despite being a junior in high school, she is committed to being a strong competitor and will see where the season takes her.