JV Football wins a close game against Kennedy Catholic

Anais Erbe , Reporter

The JV football played a close game, winning by a score of 34-24 against Kennedy Catholic on Monday the 25th. “The team is undefeated” said the head coach Dominic Salle, “they work very well together and have a great defense.”

The team scored many touchdowns with back to back interceptions through out the game. Matthew Mounsey was one of the many to score a touchdown during the game.

This season, the team has grown closer together while they continue their winning streak. Throughout the game everyone got the chance to display their talents.

Cole Pedersen had one of the many interceptions that helped them defeat Kennedy.

With their winning streak , they are working hard to keep it up throughout the season. They plan to have the same energy all season and keep a positive mindset. The team is preparing for their game next week against O’Dea, they are excited to display their skills once again.”

The game next week against O’Dea is a big test of their skills.” said sale,” I’m excited to see how they play.”