Freshman Max Herendeen takes the BBHS golf team by storm

Katie O'Kane, reporter

Only a few matches into the season freshman Max Herendeen has shown great potential and high hopes for his future. 

Max Herendeen is already making his mark on the BBHS community. His golf teammates agree on his immense talents and his potential, even as a freshman. They were able to tell very early in the season that he is an experienced golfer. 

“He is one of the best golfers I have ever played with,” said senior golfer Pilar Rutkowski.

Herendeen started playing at the age of four. He loved golf immediately because it was something he and his dad could do together. His dad had always loved golfing, so it was easy for them to bond over the sport. Even at his young age, one could easily say Max is a very accomplished golfer. 

“I’m most proud of myself for finishing top 10 in the Jr. World Golf Championships this year,” said Herendeen.

His hard work shone through during his match that awarded him a very successful finish in the championships. Herendeen hopes to bring this sense of experience to Blanchet. He is determined to bring the BBHS golf team a state championship during his four years as a brave. Not only is he looking ahead to his big goals for high school, but also has high hopes for his future in college. 

“I hope to go to a division 1 university,” said Herendeen. “I hope to achieve my life long dream of playing professional golf,” 

Herendeen has already shown the BBHS community his golf talent and he knows it’s just the beginning for him.