Trump Should be Impeached

Trump commits treason and high crimes against his own country and people still want him in office?

Julia Stander , Editor in Chief

Arguably one of the most pressing issues in America right now is the threat of impeachment of President Donald Trump. The reason his presidency is in question right now, is because there are new revelations about Trump being in contact with Ukrainian President, where they supposedly discussed the swaying of the 2020 election.

Allegedly, he was trying to get information on his competition, the Biden family for the upcoming election with thoughts to ruin his reputation. This becomes even more suspicious because he has been sending them money, $400 million to be specific, for their ongoing war, according to the BBC report. 

    Students at Blanchet feel that this is unacceptable. “We talked about it in our Racial and Ethnic American History class with Mr. McGill,”  says senior, Claire Ramquist, “it sounds like treason to me, paying people from another country to play with people in your own country just so he can remain president. I think there is a good possibility he will be impeached.” 

Another student, Luke Thenell has a similar opinion.

“I think he will get impeached, but I don’t think it will make it past the Senate, because he will need two-thirds votes,” said Thenell. 

    Personally, I think that Trump has acted a crime of treason, and under the law, impeachment can be put into action by terms of “treason, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors.” according to DOGO News.

Why would America want a President that plays politics the dirtiest it can get? All will come to light soon as the government is demanding all forms of communication between them- text messages, phone records- to get a deeper look into what really went on between the two, according to a CNBC report.  


Joe Biden, and son Hunter Biden, whom of which is planning to run for presidency in the next election.