For the Dungeons and Dragons club, the stories are just beginning

Rhys de Greef, Reporter

The Dungeons and Dragons Club met on Friday, September 13th, to lay the groundwork for a year of fun and intrigue.

Meeting in the Norcliffe Commons, the members created their characters and stories that they would develop throughout the year.

The tabletop game begins  choosing one player to be the Game Master. From there,  each player creates  her or his own character, giving them traits like strength and intelligence. 

As play begins, club members tell the game master what their character does in response to the situations and challenges that the game master has planned. Collaborative storytelling is at the heart of the game, and play is gently guided  by rules for what your character can and can’t do.  Chance plays a part because a roll of the dice determines how successful a players attempt may be.

The meeting started off with two groups: one that was continuing a previous game, and the other that was starting a new game.

Juniors William Pitton  and  Cedric Chartier joined  sophomore Carlos Deniega  and freshman Lucash Uniack in starting a new game.

Chartier likes the openness of the game, as a creative player may see very few limits.

“I like the ability to create the events of the story and to be able to make things on the fly, said Chartier. and Lucash saying.

The creative interplay with those you play against (or with, given its collaborative nature) appeals to new and experienced players alike.

 “My favorite part of it is being able to create stories and sharing them with others,” said Uniack. 

Overall the Dungeons and Dragons club is a place where you can be your favorite characters and hang out with your friends.

The club meets every Friday afternoon in the Commons, and all are welcome to join.