Suits on the Loose

Maya Quinanola, Reporter

Did halloween come early this year? At least for the swim team, the spooky season has arisen sooner than expected. 

The captains, Fannie Allen, Celina Allen, and Sydney Jensen, designed suits they were excited to show off at meets. Unfortunately, the team is bewildered by the disappearing swim gear, as they ordered a second time for freshman and new swim members.

As the season is coming to an end and the thousand dollar suits are missing, who are you going to call?

“We checked with Gaskill, who checked with the business department” said Frannie Allan, “They all confirmed that we sent in the order and money”

Mr.Gaskill helped solve the swim team mystery.

“Basically they[Business ordered from] said they could not confirm our order” said Frannie Allan, “and he had no idea if it was on it’s way or anything”.

The captains respond to this predicament very professionally. They comunicated with the business, but the gear has not yet arrived. Could the Halloween spirit of October be the cause of this conundrum?

The swim team has their eyes on the prize by focusing on improving their times and winning meets.

“Everyone’s really trying to cut down their times, especially those trying to make Metros and Districts” said Frannie Allen, “As far as struggles go, our main struggle has been getting our suits”