Golf Seniors Celebrated in an Exciting Senior Night at Jackson Golf Course

Katie O'Kane, Reporter

Seniors Pilar Ritkowski, Emma Hollet, Bella Blaikie, and Ryan Moore make the BBHS golf team a fun and exciting environment.

Golf seniors were honored during an exciting senior night at Jackson Golf course. Multiple underclassmen said that these seniors were always very inclusive and challenged others to push themselves on and off the golf course. 

During senior night they were gifted Bishop Blanchet blankets, roses, and got their freshman year photos hung up in Mr. Gaskills office. They are yet to have their award ceremony but are anticipating celebrating each other and the rest of the team. They were all in agreement that this was a great golf season, and they are very happy they participated. 

“Mr. Gaskill has helped my grow into a better golfer,” said Senior Ryan Moore. “ He is a big part of why I have enjoyed Blanchet golf.” 

Mr. Gaskill is the coach for the BBHS golf team and has been an imperative part of the team’s success. Moore mentions how fun Mr. Gaskil made the season while also helping him grow into a better golfer. 

“Mr. Gaskill didn’t get mad when I made mistakes, but rather would help me fix my mistakes,” said Senior Pilar Ritkowski. “This ultimately made me a much better golfer,” 

Many members of the golf team attributed their success and all the fun they had to Gaskill. All of these seniors said that they wouldn’t trade Mr. Gaskill for any other coach. They all are very appreciative of the golf program as a whole and thank everyone from making their last year as a BBHS golfer a good one.