Brave opinions on Seattle City Council

Nick Fowler, Reporter

Seven out of nine Seattle city council seats were up for grabs this past election, and with only 3 incumbents running, there were many changes to city council’s make up. 

In District 1, Lisa Herbold (incumbent) one with 56% against Phil Tavel. In District 2, Tommy Morales won with 60% against Mark Soloman. In District 3, Kshama Sawant (incumbent) won with 52% against Egan Orion. In District 4, Alex Pederson won with 52% against Shaun Scott. In District 5, Deborah Juarez (incumbent) won with 61% against Ann Davison Sattler. In District 6, Dan Strauss won with 56% against Heidi Wills. Lastly, in District 7, Andrew Lewis won with 53% against Jim Pugel.

Most Bishop Blanchet students do not seem to care about this year’s city council election and most give the same reasons.

“I don’t pay attention to city council because I am very busy with other things like college apps and school,” said senior Grace Corkum Plaster. “It doesn’t affect me at the moment because I am not a voter, I probably should pay more attention but I don’t”

Another senior, Geoff Blaylock, said, “I never see advertisements or local politics in the news, so I ignore it.” These sentiments are consistent with a seeming majority of Blanchet students.

Of the students that do pay attention, most were focused on District 3. This district got a large amount of news coverage after Amazon donated a large amount of money to Egan Orion’s campaign. This probably because Orion’s opponent Kshama Sawant has been very vocal about her negative view of Amazon’s impact on the city.

“The communist Sawant has proven to be incompetent in office and evidently unqualified for her job on our city council,” said senior Jack Stolle, “I am highly disappointed with the current trends in the election.”