Art Clubs Have New Exciting Projects for the 2019-2020 School Year

Natasha Kaimakis, Reporter

Every Thursday Braves gather after school in Ms. Davis’ room to take part in Art Club. Art Club is open to every student, no matter their background. In the club, there are a handful of AP art students, but others are first time artists. Any grade is welcome to join the club also. The club allows students to expand their minds in the world of art. Braves are welcome to do various types of arts and projects.

In Art Club, the braves are invited to partake in the Memory Project. The club receives photos from children in third world countries, and the Braves creates portraits of the kids. Then the Braves send the portraits back to the kids. The project is rewarding both to the Braves and the children. 

Other students partake in various arts such as photography, painting, drawing, gluing and more. In October, the club did pumpkin carving. In early December, many Braves were also working on photo-shopping their own photos. Students are welcome to do whatever they please. Ms. Davis does not direct them in any way. At Art Club, the goal is to grow as an artist, learn new techniques, and broaden your horizons. 

Junior Lauren Lindbald has joined Art Club this year. She has never taken any classes with Ms. Davis before but was still drawn to the club. In October Lindbald and some friends carved and decorated pumpkins. Now she is focusing on collaging her school notebooks. Lauren is happy that she has joined the Art Club. 

“My favorite thing about Art Club is the supportive community,” said Lindbald, “even tho I am not great at art, being with good friends and unfamiliar faces always bring some fun!” 

When Lindbald is done with her project she plans on focusing on photography. Art Club is a fun club, and everyone should check it out

Lauren Lindbald Carving Pumpkins

Natasha Kaimakis
In October, the Art Club did pumpkin carving.