The Student Associative Government Club Working for the Good of Blanchet

Maria Denning , Reporter

At Bishop Blanchet, the student Government, also known as Associated Student Body, is a position that requires hard work and student dedication. To attain a spot on this team it takes certain criterias in areas of leadership, scholarship, service, and overall moral character. Along with the student putting in work, the school also allows students to vote on their class officer based on who will be the best fit for the position. This process involves the candidates making a video stating why they think they deserve the spot, and campaigning with posters and such around the school. 

“ Running for ASB is nerving and can be really competitive” said ASB officer Helena Doughartey, “ but I think it teaches a lot to the student and helps kids get involved in their school.”

Once a student has exhibited these requirements,such as service hours and good grades, they are elected to serve and work with teachers and students to benefit the student body. The club serves as a basis for student activities and projects such as dances, assemblies, clubs, homecoming, tradition week, and other community-based activities. The officers try and hear their fellow students out when it comes to what kind of changes they want to see around the school and use that information to try and make changes where they can. 

“ Being in ASB has taught me how to listen and work with my classmates,” said ASB officer Kate Yerkes, “ while also allowing me to help out in the Blanchet community and show my school pride”. 

Running to become an ASB member is difficult, but worth the struggle due to the life skills it teaches, opportunity to work with classmates and teachers, and generally allowing for a person to grow.