Dancing the Night Away

Reasons why going to high school dances and making the most of high school is important.

Abigail Orse , Reporter

High school dances are going to forever be some students’ favorite memories, and they are a part of high school that students should not miss.

Many high school students today do not understand the importance of going to high school dances. Dances are a time for students to make memories with their friends, to enjoy high school, and to make the most of their experience. The memories students are making in their four years of high school are memories that will last a lifetime. Many students do not realize that although going to dances might seem very small, they are a great growing experience, create lots of joy, and will later be a memory we look back on and miss.

Dances such as Winter ball, Tolo, and Senior Prom are a time for students to get dressed up, find a date or a friend group to go with, and to dance the night away. Often times, these dances are located at places such as Pacific Science Center, the Nile Country Club, and the Fremont Foundry. These locations are fun for all students because they allow them to explore and do more than just dance; they give them a variety of things to do such as explore the butterfly exhibits, go to a laser show, and take pictures in the photo booth . These three formal dances and are an opportunity for students to dress up and grab a date. For many people it is also common to go with a group of friends instead of a date. Formal dances are important to attend because they are a unique experience in high school as it is rare for students to get into a dress or suit and tie and dance the night away. Since only two are held each year, students should attend as many formal dances as they can and make the most of them well they last because it is a rare experience.

Along with formal dances, Blanchet also has two informal dances every year. The Quad dance and Homecoming are opportunities for students to go all out and dress up according to the certain theme. Informal dances are fun because students do not feel the pressure to find a date, and they bring a huge sense of school spirit to the Blanchet community.

These dances are important to attend because they are a great bonding time, and they allow students to meet new people and put themselves out there. Students are able to decorate and setup for these dances which is important because it is a time for students to work together and meet new people.

It is important that Blanchet has formal and informal dances because it gives a variety of experiences to the students. Although many people may get anxious about finding a date for a formal dance, it is completely normal to go with friends or by yourself.

Formal dances allow students to get outside of their comfort zone and grow. Although it is completely normal for students to be nervous before a dance, all students are welcoming and Blanchet always comes together on the dance floor, leaving nobody out.

“My favorite part about school dances is preparing for them” said senior Matt Martin, “I love getting dressed up and hanging out with my friends before. I also love decorating the gym for homecoming week and the dance. I try to attend every dance I can because I know one day I am going to look back and be grateful for these times because they have allowed me to bond with many classmates and have lots of fun”.

As a high school student, many of us do not realize that we are living in some of the best moments of our lives, we are going to look back one day and smile as we remember the nights we spent with our best friends on the dance floor. We only get a total of 16 dances all of high school and we should make the most of these moments well they last. We do not want to look back on our high school days and regret staying home or skipping the dance because we thought it was going to be boring. You get out of high school what you but into it, and it is important to attend the events with our whole school and be apart of the welcoming community at Blanchet.

“I would say one of my all time favorite memories of high school so far was Freshmen year Winterball”, said junior Meg Cunningham. “I will always remember me and my friends dancing with my older sister and all of her friends. Although they were seniors, they were so welcoming to me and my friends,and it was a time that we all came together and had a fun night together”.

Going to High school dances is crucial to someone’s high school experience because it is a time for Blanchet to come together as a whole. Dances allow students to make each other feel important and to include each other. It is very rare that all students from all grades are interacting with each other, and the dances are one of the only special times that happens. We are all busy as high school students and teenagers all have a huge amount of work and worries, but it is important to remember to put those all aside sometimes and be balanced. Attending the dances is a way for students to live a balanced life and to make the most of their high school experience.